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We’re pretty sure you have had your fair share of dated planners, whether bought or gifted. As awesome as we think they are, we are beginning to love our undated planners a little more because they just give that extra bit of flexibility.

If you’re sitting on the fence and trying to figure out which one works for you, let’s share some of the benefits of an undated planner:

Welcome to a New Month

You can start using it at any time. Let’s face it, as exciting as it is to follow the whole New Year, new me mantra, not everyone gets organised on January 1st. If you are one of those who follow through, well done!!! For the rest of us, the key is to be able to get up and get moving even if it is in November. So why wait until a New Year or a new month to start when you can start today? Remember, the perfect time to start crushing those awesome goals is now.

There are no wasted pages. If you are just like us, you don’t use your planner every single day. When we are on vacation, why do we need a to-do list? The goal is clear and simple, relax and just have a great time. So instead of wasting valuable pages when you are taking a break, wouldn’t you rather buy a planner where you can restart once you get back into the grind? We know we would.

It encourages regular reviews. Regular reviews are so important because it helps us figure what is working and what isn’t. When you pause to reflect, you are able to figure out if you are being productive or simply being busy and this helps you make the necessary adjustments. Whatever the case may be, remember to celebrate every achievement! When you hit a milestone, it is a big deal and you definitely deserve a reward for that.

Monthly view (also comes with a weekly view)

It is sustainable. Ok, so here is one of the awesome ways you can help the environment. Using an undated planner means you can use up all your pages, without leaving anything to waste. It might seem like a small impact but trust us, it goes a long way. At the end of your planner, you would be glad to see that your writing filled most, if not all of the pages and best believe that the environment would be happy with you.

There are so many other reasons why you should switch to our undated planners today but hey, we don’t want to bore you so why don’t you shop yours today? Let us know what you think through reviews on our website and Instagram. And don’t forget to use the hashtag #MyJokoEdu so that we can repost your amazing photos.

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